Did you just receive the devastating news your dog is dying and has reached pet hospice? Are you overwhelmed with the sudden emotional chaos in your life—such as extreme anxiety or sadness?

You may be unsure what to do first. You may be concerned about how to care for your dog and how to care for yourself.

Grief is Necessary When Your Dog is Dying

Keep in mind that grief is necessary and expected when you get the news your dog is dying. It will affect how you live from the day you receive the news, how you begin to move forward, and how well you are able to be present and supportive to your dog in his or her final days.

If you stuff your feelings down, your normal grief could easily become unhealthy grief feelings and actions. And I wouldn’t want this to happen to you.

Pet hospice is a difficult yet very special time. The more you can be present for your dog the stronger your journey will be.

First Thing to Do When Your Dog is Dying

There are many things you can do that I talk about in my book My Dog is Dying: What Do I Do? Emotions, Decisions, and Options for Healing.

 But one of the first things I suggest to my clients is to:

*Learn about your grief. Learn what is normal so you can navigate the changes in your life when your dog is dying.

When you learn about your grief you will begin to understand your feelings. Plus understand those crazy thoughts, sensations, and spiritual upheavals that are perfectly normal and healthy to have.

What feelings of normal grief are you having? If you need help you can either check my book where I offer tools for healing pet loss grief specifically during pet hospice.

Would you like to learn about the 5 Things to Include in Your Dog’s End of Life Plan that will help you e organized and totally focused on helping you and your dog feel better? Please click here to learn more.

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