Animal Medium Sessions

Compassionate, Professional, Down-to-Earth, Confidential

Are You Looking For an Animal Medium Session?

  • Would you like tell your pet that you love them?

  • Find out if they are okay?

  • Tell them you are sorry?

  • Be able to give them a special message from your heart?

  • Find out why they are in your life?

  • And More?

Animal Medium

How Wendy Takes Care of You and Your Pet During an Animal Medium Session

  • With all my animal medium sessions, you and your beloved companion will be treated with respect and compassion.

  • I work with the soul level essence of your and your animal. Plus all the guides who come and help you.

  • With kindness, grace, and compassion, I translate all information that the Universe and your animal provides.

  • I have communicated with 1000s of animals and their people from around the world with compassion and integrity.

  • Whether you are working with me one-on-one or via email I will create a sacred place for communication to take place.

  • Wendy is also a Certified Essence of the Enneagram Practitioner and incorporates that into her sessions.

In fact, many of my clients report that after a Animal Medium Session they . . .

  • Experience relief because they know what their beloved animal friend is experiencing in their spirit life.

  • Find hope on a soul level from their their animal companion!

  • Realize how significant their animal friend was and still is (in spirit) in their life.

  • Share special memories that only their animal experienced with them!

  • Realize their forever bond with their beloved animal companion is strengthened even more.

I look forward to meeting you. To schedule your appointment please continue scrolling.


Connect With Your Beloved Companion

Here is how it works:

  1. Choose one of the four options from the pulldown.
  2. The one-on-one session is a live 45-min session on the phone with me.
  3. The 1,2,3, question options are done via email and are recorded. This is not a live call with me.
  4. Please note: The 1,2,3 question options are for one animal per question option. If you want multiple animals you must purchase a session for each animal.

Once payment is received I will send you an email within 48 business hours with instructions. All sessions are non-refundable so please be sure of your purchase.

**Please note for the recorded 1,2,3 question options you are required to email me a photo of your companion. Please be sure you are able to do so before purchasing.

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***I will use your PayPal email to get in touch with you.

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