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my dog is dying what do I do
Compassion Fatigue in Veterinarians and Pet Professionals
Pet Loss Poem Book

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Grief after Pet Loss for cats
Grief after pet loss for cats
Why did my dog die? Answers to the 5 Top Questions Kids Ask
Why Did My Cat Die? Answers to the 5-Top questions that kids ask
Animal Wisdom Message
Workbok to help your pet through the grieving process after they lose their companion

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Pet Grief Support
Animal Mediumship
Animal Communication
pet professional support page

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Wendy brings through with amazing clarity the energy and personality of the animal. A gifted medium/communicator, she truly demonstrates the ongoing existence of beloved animal friends.

Dennis Grega, Ph.D

I have loved all of my dogs with all of my heart. The connection that Wendy made with Lance has brought me comfort on such a deep level. The session was incredibly full and empowering. I am so grateful to Wendy!

Jan Cloudsdale

I went to Wendy because I was worried about my beloved pet. Wendy helped to put me at ease and she gave me invaluable insight.  If you have questions about a living or deceased pet, Wendy is the one to see!!!

Lori Otto

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