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I write books that assist pet owners with the difficult emotions and transitions that come with pet loss. Please remember to return to this page often as new books are added.

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My Dog Is Dying What Do I Do

Compassionate Dog Care support is available. A pet loss book for you to get immediate support to heal your heart. If you just got news that your dog has a life-threatening illness and there is no cure this best-selling and award-winning book will be a valuable part of your support team. Reading this book and following the actions steps at the end will help you heal your heart with compassion.

dog has died book cover

Healing Trauma after the death of a pet is difficult if you try and do it alone. Start with the supportive tools and compassionate guidance in this book to help you go from grief to gratitude and a forever bond. This book will help you with making important decisions, pet afterlife and helpful ways t deal with all the emotions you are feeling after your dog has died.

My Cat Is Dying What Do I Do

Healing pet loss support is available in this cat book. Get immediate support to help you with your grief surrounding cat cancer or other life-threatening illness. When you read this book then follow the actions steps at the end, you will experience unending support for your journey. It will accompany you with your pet bereavement needs with unconditional love, compassion, and care.

my cat has dies book cover

Healing pet loss is difficult if you try and do it alone. Start with the supportive tools and compassionate guidance in this book to help you with pet bereavement, cat cancer, grief and loss, pet afterlife and more.

pet professionals guide to pet loss book cover

Compassion fatigue and burnout are very real for pet care professionals. This book will help you with preventing burnout and supporting your clients while you are managing the business of grief in your business.

A pet loss book for parents. Telling children about death is not easy…yet this book is about healing pet loss for kids. It will help with the issues of pet loss, grief and loss, and ultimately healing pet loss for your child.

Animal Wisdom Book

An Animal Wisdom Book on Animal Communication and Animal Mediumship filled with respect, seriousness, fairness, humor, compassion, and even moment of silliness with the insights that the beloved pets deliver to their people.

Pet Loss Poems: To Heal Your Heart and Should

A Pet Loss Poem Book that contains a  collection of forty-one poems written for those who are suffering pet loss grief and need a soft place to land. This kindhearted Pet Loss Poem Book connects you to the oneness you shared with your companion.

Free Pet Loss Guide


Healing your heart from pet loss grief. A free short guide, which will help you begin a compassionate, respectful, and loving experience when dealing with the rawness of grief and loss. Honor your with gratitude during a tough, yet unique time.

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