Pawprints In The Sand

“Pawprints In The Sand” is a touching poem that beautifully encapsulates the special relationship between a pet and its owner. The imagery is warm and relatable, painting a picture of a deep bond formed through shared experiences like walks on the beach. This poem resonates with anyone who has cherished a pet, as it eloquently captures the simple, yet profound moments of companionship.

This poem is perfect for anyone who has experienced the joy of pet ownership and the sorrow of their inevitable parting, serving as a heartfelt tribute to the enduring love and memories shared between a pet and its owner.

Pawprints In The Sand

Always a warm comfy reminder at the foot of my bed.
Sometimes you do silly things and I’d just shake my head.

At the first light of dawn, a paw would fall upon my face
I’d rub your head and give you a warm embrace.

You’d bound out to the beach with me following close behind
We’d wander and wonder, never knowing what we’d find.

Every day you’ve been with me, a constant companion who was always there.
The end was near and it just didn’t seem fair.

Eventually it was only me there in my bed with no one to lick my face or my hand
I miss the good times we spent together; I miss your pawprints in the sand.

~ Author Unknown


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