Are you having a difficult time staying focused when creating an end of life plan for your cat? Are you wondering why this task is even necessary?

A normal grief feeling when you receive the shocking news your cat has reached the end of their life is lack of focus, defeat, and hopelessness.

Keep in mind this is a difficult time for you and your cat because your daily routines are changing. Creating an end of life plan for your cat will help you navigate this special time.

A Personalized Record

Grief has the talent of totally disrupting life. It takes over, changes schedules, and challenges us to be present.

When you get the news that your cat is now in pet hospice one of the most healing tools is to begin your personalized record of daily needs and tasks.

Creating an End of Life Plan for Your Cat

Crafting your plan is like creating a checklist that is designed with your goals to help you make decisions, choose veterinarians, and be the best advocate you can be for your cat.

The checklist will be your customized strategy to guide you on how to purposefully live your life now that your cat is ill.

You will still experience grief but a checklist or plan will help you navigate the tough times.

Keep in mind your list will be unique to you and your cat. I do offer you help with creating your cat’s end of life plan in my book, My Cat Is Dying: What Do I Do? Navigating Emotions, Decisions, and Options for Healing Pet Loss.

Why Creating an End of Life Plan for Your Cat is Necessary

  1. Helps with focusing your mind on tasks at hand.
  2. Supports you to take care of your own health.
  3. Establishes new memories that are endearing and special.
  4. Creates daily stability.
  5. Guides you to provide the best care for your cat.

What would you like and need to include when creating an end of life plan for your cat? If you need more help with your daily/weekly/monthly plan please take a look at Chapter 2 in my book.


My Cat Is Dying What Do I Do