Pet Burial For Peace of Mind

Pet Burial with you by their side is available.

Now there is a solution at Life Forest®. This beautiful forest cemetery allows you to be proudly buried with your pet’s ashes.

Life Forest® is the first cemetery the country that allows you to be  buried with your pet’s ashes in your pre-need burial plots and with a Pet Burial you can join them when you pass.

What a beautiful way to sustain life through love and get the pet loss support you need.

In life they were by your side and it is by your side that they should remain.

A Solution is Here

The pain that you are suffering can be difficult and challenging. It can be stressful to find the support you need for your pet loss grief needs and Pet Burial.

Keep in mind that Life Forest® is here to help you. They understand just how delicate and important it is to be buried with your pet.

At Life Forest® they know that many of you have held your loyal companions ashes for years because you wanted them close. Now you can be buried together under a tree and continue your connection.

Contact Life Forest®

Contact the Good People at Life Forest®

They will bury your pets ashes under a tree.

Where they will wait for you peacefully – in order to spend eternity with you.

Pet Burial : At Life Forest® people and pets have the right to be proudly buried together.

Mission Statement

At Life Forest®, we believe a positive surrounding is the foundation of healing and sustaining emotional connection to those who have passed. We have created a space that promotes health, healing, and happiness. We do this by harnessing the energy of plants and reconnecting to our forests.

Today, as a pioneer in the burial process, we are committed to protecting the environment and maintaining the tradition of burial and perpetual care.


Our first responsibilities are to families, environmental protection, and record keeping. In meeting these needs, everything we do is approached with balancing the cause and effect of burial and environmental sustainability.

Life Forest Pet Burial