Animal Wisdom Message

Our Animals are Amazing and Wise…

Our animal companions, whether they are cats, dogs, birds, horses or snakes–they all have special words of comfort, wisdom, and healing for us.

Would you like to know what your animal companion has to tell you?

Animal Wisdom Message

Consider An Animal Wisdom Message

Animal Wisdom Messages are a personalized and direct communication link from your pet to you…straight and honest! In other words…no messing around!

Your animal has a ton of wisdom to share with you and their messages can help you on a daily basis to feel joy, compassion, peace and much much more.

As an animal medium, I will talk with your animal and translate a soul-level Animal Wisdom Messages from your animal to you; and then send your message it to you via email.

You will receive a down-to-earth and unique message. This service takes place via email.

When you read and listen to your pet’s Animal Wisdom Message you will realize they have a pulse on life and you. Your pet is showing up for you and giving you a delightful gem of daily mindfulness.

Here are the Details on How to Order Your Animal Wisdom Message

  • This is for any animal. They can be alive and healthy, experiencing pet hospice, or already reached the end of their life.
  • Your message will be 3-6 sentences delivered via email.
  • You will receive a PDF via email which includes the message your pet has for you. This message will include a frameable graphic with your message and a picture of your pet.
  • After you order your Personalized Animal Wisdom Session you will receive a brief questionnaire. Please fill out immediately.
  • Please include a quality photo of your pet.
  • Personalized Animal Wisdom Messages are delivered via email within 14-Daysof receiving your info (I will let you know if I am backed-up.)
  • If you want this service quicker please email me for details.
  • There are no refunds for this service so please be sure you are absolutely certain you want to order your Personalized Animal Wisdom message.

How to Order

About Wendy Van de Poll

Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL is a leader in the field of pet loss grief support, animal mediumship, and the founder of the Center for Pet Loss Grief. As an international best-selling author, she has published 13 books on pet loss grief and more. You can find all of her books on Amazon.

*Please note there are no refunds for this service* Read Policy information for more detail