Pet Loss Specialist Certification

Become the pet loss specialist you always wanted to be

Online Pet Loss Specialist

Are You?

  • Interested in helping people who lost their pets?
  • A self-directed learner?
  • Looking for a satisfying career in a growing field?
  • Compelled to help others because of your own experience with pet loss?

Become a Certified Pet Loss Specialist

This online Certified Pet Loss Specialist course and training is a cutting edge program created by Wendy Van de Poll MS, CEOL founder of The Center for Pet Loss Grief, LLC.

Wendy incorporates her years of experience and knowledge of working with animal lovers, veterinarians, pet-sitters, and more into her online course so that you too can help those who are experiencing pet loss grief.

Pet Loss Specialist Course

When you finish this course and gain your certification you can open your practice to help others.

With online videos and this self-paced course you will receive all that you need to become a Level 1 Online Certified Pet Loss Specialist.

A Little About the Program

This 3-month certification will give you the knowledge of the workings of pet loss grief and the requirements needed to open your own pet loss grief specialist business. Please keep in mind . . . this is not a weekend course or a course to sail through.

What is wonderful about this online course is . . . you will understand what your clients are going through, and you will learn distinct ways to offer them much-needed support. As well as give you the information on how to offer compassionate support to your human clients. And at the same time establish healthy boundaries with them.

Because processing your own grief and taking care of your own mental, physical, and spiritual health are so crucial to your professional effectiveness as well as to your overall quality of life, this course supplies specific ways for you, the certified pet loss specialist, to do that.

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