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Healing a Child’s Pet

Loss Grief

A Guide For Parents
Healing a Child’s Pet Loss Grief is a delicate journey.
Adding a furry, finned, or feathered friend to your child’s life can be a wonderful teaching experience for them and your family.

Yet, the most profound lesson is All living things must die.
This book is for you ~ the parent, teacher, caretaker, grandparent ~ to gently guide and support you when your child is going through the pain, confusion and loss of their pet.

Available on Amazon

Healing A Child’s Pet Loss Grief: A Guide for Parents has been designed just for you. It will assist you when faced with making decisions to help your child and begin healing the trauma caused by your child’s pet loss grief.

Adding a furry, finned, or feathered friend to your child’s life can be a wonderful teaching experience for them and your family.

Animals are more than pets to children, they are a sibling, a best friend, an adventure buddy and can be the greatest teachers they will ever have.

Children with pets learn responsibility, patience, unconditional love and much more. There will also be a time when your child’s pet will offer a most profound lesson—all living things must die.

Since children are naturally curious and want to know how things work, they will experience various emotions and stages of grief and loss that can be extremely difficult for them to comprehend and challenging for parents to help them navigate.

Author Wendy gently takes parents through this trying time with tools that will help children feel supported in their journey and learn lasting compassion as they heal the pain of loss.

Discover how a companion animal will share these lessons with your child forever—through life, death, and beyond.

This, the fourth book in the Pet Bereavement series, offers even more helpful and supportive suggestions as to how to experience pet loss with grace and hope. Wendy, once again, offers valuable insights into the emotions and behaviors that we find ourselves experiencing when we lose a beloved pet.

April B. (Amazon Customer)

The author, Wendy, is a certified end-of-life and pet loss grief coach and has a very deep grasp of this topic. In this valuable book, she shows us how to become a dynamic participant in managing our grief, helping us to feel safe with and understand our feelings.

Judith P. (Amazon Customer)

I have learned more than I ever expected in just the first few chapters!This book brought me some much-needed clarity. I feel a new relationship with my boy who will forever be in my heart and his brother who is sitting on my phone right now.

Dr. Pia (Amazon Customer)

Wendy Van de Poll is a pioneering leader in the field of pet loss grief support. Wendy is dedicated to providing a safe place for her clients to express their grief over the loss of their pets.

What makes Wendy successful with her clients is that she get’s grief! “Over the years I’ve dealt with my own grief and helping many families communicate and connect with their pets long after their loss. It’s what I’ve done since I was just 5 yrs old!”

She is compassionate and supportive to all who know her.