About Wendy V

Wendy Van de Poll is a pioneering leader in the field of pet loss grief support and the human-animal bond. As a bestselling author, speaker and coach, she has passionately devoted her life to the mission of increasing the quality of life between animals and people. Wendy has run with wild wolves in Minnesota, coyotes in Massachusetts and foxes in her backyard. She is the founder of Center for Pet Loss Grief and appears as a guest blogger on Sixty and Me as well as others.

Grieving For My Dog

Grieving for my dog is what I did this morning! And today I want to share my vulnerability with you because I am feeling a profound loss. I hope you don’t mind… I woke up feeling unsettled and sad. I honestly couldn’t figure it out until I went into my office [...]

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Valentine Celebrations for Pet for Pet Loss

Valentine Celebrations for Pet Loss Valentine Celebrations for Pet Loss is about love, respect, and mourning the lives of our beloved companions when we are ready. Since February is the month historically known for boundless love, I want to share with you a beautiful way in which you can pay tribute to your pet. [...]

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Pet Loss Poems To Heal Your Heart and Soul

Pet Loss Poems to Heal Your Heart and Soul is a heartfelt book that I wrote for my clients. I wanted to do something special for my clients so they could have a way to find solace, support, and guidance when going through grief and loss of losing a pet. And that is why I [...]

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Interview with Jennifer Marshall

I want to share with you an interview with Jennifer Marshall! Jennifer is an advanced practitioner  Center For Pet Loss Grief Mentor Certification and she is amazing! I have many wonderful things to say about Jennifer. She is smart, witty, compassionate, intelligent, creative, and has an innate gift for helping people heal their hearts from pet [...]

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How To Find Pet Loss Support

How to find pet loss support can be a bit of a challenge. Especially when you are suffering from loss. In this article, I am going to be honest with you. My intention is not to insult anyone. BUT…I am finding more and more untrained people claiming to pet loss grief coaches, mentors, counselors, etc. [...]

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