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Wendy Van de Poll is a pioneering leader in the field of pet loss grief support and the human-animal bond. As a bestselling author, speaker and coach, she has passionately devoted her life to the mission of increasing the quality of life between animals and people. Wendy has run with wild wolves in Minnesota, coyotes in Massachusetts and foxes in her backyard. She is the founder of Center for Pet Loss Grief and appears as a guest blogger on Sixty and Me as well as others.

Pet Loss and the Enneagram

Pet Loss and the Enneagram You may be reading this and wonder how the Enneagram can help your pet loss grief. Or you may also be asking . . . “What is the Enneagram (any-a-gram)? The Basics of the Enneagram I don’t want to overwhelm you in this article about the details [...]

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Interview with Natasha

I would like to introduce the newest graduate of the Certified Pet Loss Grief Mentor program with an interview with Natasha. Natasha started with the online Pet Loss Specialist program. She finished with a deep understanding of her own grief as well as how to help others. Then furthered her studies and [...]

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Pet Loss What to Write

Pet Loss and What to Write Are you looking for a way to express your pet loss grief feelings that is a little bit different—yet full of love and healing? At this point in your journey, you may be feeling that you want something distinctive and unique. Somewhat special—that reflects your relationship with [...]

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Finding Love During Pet Loss

Finding Love During Pet Loss Are you having a hard time with the loss of your pet? Do you feel as if your soul has lost its ability to love? Is your heart closed off to receiving love from the universe? When you experience the loss of your pet there is a [...]

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The Flow of Pet Loss Grief

The Flow of Pet Loss Grief Are you struggling against the seemingly endless current of pet loss grief? Is your grief journey making you feel uncomfortable because of its ebb and flow? Are your grief surges overwhelming and you wish they would stop? Please keep in mind that all of the above [...]

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