Pet Professionals

Are You and Your Staff End of Life Safe?

As a pet professional it is important to have a general knowledge of how to help your clients when faced with pet loss grief. With today’s growth of the pet industry, your clients will demand more compassion and respect from you. You will or maybe already faced with how to deal with this issue. As a result, you will also be challenged with taking care of your grief.  If avoided, you may experience unexpected reactions and emotions that could lead to burnout.

I offer one-on-one sessions, continuing education for your office staff, and speaking events for professional conferences, podcasts, webinars, radio, etc

I cover the following concepts:

  • Normal vs. abnormal grief

  • Myths surrounding grief

  • Stages of grief

  • How to supportively speak to your client which relieves compassion fatigue

  • Self-management tools to be end-of-life safe that leads to more productivity in the practice setting

  • How to incorporate pet loss grief coaching into your business and practice

pet professional grief support

RACE certified continuing education opportunities

~ Pet Professional Grief Support ~

As a pet professional it is critical to develop healthy boundaries and self-care methods to cope with stressful situations. Our courses will help you will learn about the different types of normal grief vs. abnormal grief, how to support your clients with essential grief support, recognize and manage compassion fatigue and burnout for yourself and your staff.

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