Helping your Pet with Pet Loss Grief

  • Are you looking for a workbook to help surviving pets get the support they need after their best buddy died?
  • Do you want knowledgeable support to help you and your pet?
  • Feeling sad because you want to help your surviving pet understand the loss of their buddy but not sure what to do?

Then this 55-page workbook filled with information, quotes, and action steps will support you and your pet right away.

Compassionate and Kind Support for Your Surviving Pet

It is important for your surviving pet to get what they need. But, it is also important for you to get the support you need. The thing is you may feel helpless and you want to know what is best for them. Yet, you need some guidance. Or maybe you already know what to do but want to do more and learn more.

Helping Your Pet with Pet Loss Grief is a great place to start. You can downloadable this workbook to help you right away. After you order please watch your info closely for the downloadable pdf.

This workbook contains information that:

  • I share with my clients on a daily basis
  • beautifully designed graphics that hold words of wisdom to help your heart
  • action steps for you to take to help you and your pet on this journey

And because grief in our animals is sometimes difficult to observe you may get frustrated and sad that you are not doing enough.

The Helping your Pet with Pet Loss Grief workbook will help you sort out your observations, give you support, and help you feel more helpful to your surviving pet.

The information I share with you is what I give my clients who work with me one-on-one and from my professional and personal experience of working with animals every day and I am so happy to share this resource with you.

Here is How the Workbook Can Help Your Pet

  • Discover a concise and helpful workbook that gives you the information you need to help your surviving pet understand why his or her buddy is no longer around.
  • Provides a place for you to learn how to take action with the help of the Action Step available for each section.
  • A resource for information from a professional and certified Pet Loss Grief Coach.
  • Ways to heal your surviving pet’s heart by using this workbook filled with information, notes, and action steps.

What is Included in Your Workbook

Here are the topics that you will explore in your ??? page downloadable workbook ~ Helping Your Pet with Pet Loss Grief. Remember you and your surviving pet will get compassionate and professional support in this workbook.

  • Special Behavioral Signs to Watch for
  • Let Your Surviving Pet be Present at the Euthanasia?
  • How to Grieve Together
  • Keep a Routine Going
  • Expect a New Normal
  • Provide Distractions
  • Why You Should Stay Calm
  • The New Pecking Order
  • Grief Takes Time
  • When to Get a New Pet
  • Holistic Remedies to Support Your Surviving Pet

I do hope you download the workbook I created for you and your companion. There are many wonderful and healing things you can do when helping your pet with pet loss grief. This workbook can guide and support you right away.

Spreading the Love

This workbook helped our surviving dog so much. When Bubba died, Sally our cat and Bubba’s constant companion was beside herself. She cried constantly and kept searching for her buddy. We were so happy to find your workbook. It helped us help Sally and it helped us as well with our grief…Susan Brook, client

Wendy, this workbook is fabulous. Thank you. It helped us understand what our dog ws going through when she lost her horse companion. It is a great workbook and my wife and felt supported by your support, personal quotes, and professional guidance…Thomas Bloom, client

Get the Support You Need

Workbook for helping your pet through the grieving process

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About Wendy

Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL is a leader in the field of pet loss grief support and animal mediumship. She is the founder of the Center for Pet Loss Grief. As an international best-selling author, she has published 13-books on pet loss grief and more. You can find all of her books on Amazon.