About Wendy V

Wendy Van de Poll is a pioneering leader in the field of pet loss grief support and the human-animal bond. As a bestselling author, speaker and coach, she has passionately devoted her life to the mission of increasing the quality of life between animals and people. Wendy has run with wild wolves in Minnesota, coyotes in Massachusetts and foxes in her backyard. She is the founder of Center for Pet Loss Grief and appears as a guest blogger on Sixty and Me as well as others.

Slowing Down

Slowing Down Do you feel like your emotions are on full throttle? Are your insides full of chaos and pet loss emotions? Do you feel like you are moving at 100 miles per hour and just can't settle? Slowing down when you are experiencing pet loss grief may be one aspect in [...]

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Transformational Pet Loss Grief

Transformational Pet Loss Grief. Did you know that pet loss grief can actually be an expansive and a transformational experience? I understand you might not be ready to feel this way but I invite you to consider this concept when you are. In The Beginning When you experience pet loss there are many emotions, body sensations, and incidents to journey through. Some may cause you pain, [...]

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Share Your Grief

Share Your Grief For some withdrawing from life when experiencing pet loss is normal. And for others the shock and sadness may drive you to share your grief. No matter how you experience your loss is okay. But If You Are Asking Yourself . . . If I remain withdrawn will I feel [...]

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Getting a New Pet After Death

Determining getting a new pet after death can be an excruciating decision for you. This decision oftentimes has people going back and forth, never seeming to reach a decision they feel a hundred percent confident about. Unfortunately, the loss of our pets is inescapable since their lifespans are not as long as [...]

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What to Say to Someone Experiencing Pet Loss

What To Say To Someone Experiencing Pet Loss Sometimes it's difficult to know what to say to someone experiencing pet loss that is meaningful, compassionate, and helpful. It is easy to say “I’m sorry” but most of the time this is not very supportive because this is a worn out cliché. Not [...]

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