Have you considered writing a pet loss poem to heal your grief? When looking for a creative and beautiful way to heal your heart when experiencing pet loss this could be a great way to support your painful emotions

A poem can be a wonderful and loving way to remember your pet. By expressing your memories in a creative way by writing a pet loss poem gives you a chance to create a lasting memory.

Keep in mind you don’t have to be a poet or a writer to express the love for your pet. Writing down thoughts in a creative way can help you with your emotions and the pain of your loss. Your intention and experiences are all you need to get started with your journey.

There are many ways to write a tribute to your pet and if you are having trouble getting started these are some of my favorite pet loss poems. As you read these consider the following to help guide you.

Three-Tips to Get You Started Writing a Pet Loss Poem to Heal Your Grief

Make a list of one-word qualities of your pet

Your list could contain one word or one hundred words. But try and keep your list to single qualities. When you make this list your grief may surface. Keep in mind your emotions are normal and those feelings can be added to your poem.

My client Sally had these qualities on her list: silly, goofy, adorable, smart, sleepy, rambunctious, and loyal. When we talked about her list she cried and told beautiful stories of Annabelle. When she put the words into her poem she said, “I know I am not a poet but I don’t care. My little creation is a gift from my heart to Annabelle. This is what matters most. My heart feels full every time I read my poem.”

 As you can see Sally’s poem is for her healing pet loss and her making this list helped her feel supported when her grief was resurfacing.

Make your second list by describing images

With this list you will describe your pet and the wonderful things you did together by using your six senses. When you explore the relationship you had with your pet using descriptions that include sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, and movement you have a chance to create a beautiful tribute that is unique for your healing journey.

Sally wrote some wonderful lines when describing Annabelle. My favorite was the beginning line in Annabelle’s poem where she used her sight. This is how she described seeing the sun on Annabelle’s fur.

“ Sunlight reflects on your fur with warm shiny sparkles.”

When she read this to me I was immediately picturing the rays of sunlight hitting Annabelle’s fur. I could envision beauty, kindness, and the loyalty between the both of them.

Write from your heart 

Once you have your two lists just begin to write. Don’t worry if it sounds good. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense. All of that doesn’t matter.

When Sally wrote her poem she had a photo of Annabelle beside her. This may help you as well to inspire your feelings. Since your pet loss poem to heal your grief is for your own experience please don’t worry about perfection.

Remember instead, this is about the love you experienced with your pet and healing the rawness of pet loss grief. If getting started writing a pet loss poem to heal your grief is difficult I have some favorites that I can share with you.