My Cat Is Dying What Do I Do? Realistically, what are you going to do? She is your best friend, and you can’t imagine what life would be like without her sweet meows, gentle nuzzles, and heart vibrating purrs that fill your soul with delight. It is normal to be in shock or beyond believing this news is true.

When you say to yourself as many of my clients do, My Cat is Dying What am I Going to Do? after your veterinarian gives you the news that your beloved kitty is reaching the end of his or her life your emotions may create an undeniable amount of chaos in your life.

What Do You Do?

What do you do when you get the news your cat has a life-threatening illness? Do you feel numb with shock? Are you in a state of panic from the sudden overwhelm?

Feeling alone without your pal?

There are many things you can do and I cover them in great detail in my bookMy Cat Is Dying What Do I Do?

This book will offer tools to support you with your grief and will guide you on how to stay present through the muck of caretaking your terminally ill cat. I supply you with options, so you can begin to heal your pet grief during this difficult yet very special time. I will support you right away on your pet grief journey.

The emotions that will come up with pending loss can be chaotic. Pet Loss Grief is complicated and navigating through all that needs to be done to take care of your cat can create disruption in your daily routine. There are many ways to navigate this journey and we will begin here together.

When you ask the question, My Cat is Dying What Do I Do? 

Let’s Begin Here…Three Aspects of Your Journey

If you received news that your cat is going to die, time is limited, and you want to do the best you can to support your cat through this particular time during their cycle of life consider these three aspects of your journey.

  1. Creating Your Journey
  2. Experiencing Your Journey
  3. Remaking Your Journey

When you begin your journey with these three goals you will begin to create your emotional emergency first-aid kit that will support you through the rollercoaster ride that you are about to take.

These goals will also help you understand and acknowledge that your relationship with your cat is unique and exceptional. Consider this knowledge as your new best friend in your pet loss grief journey.

Let’s get started…

My Cat Is Dying: What Do I Do? Create Your Journey

Let’s begin by creating your personal journey. What are the things for you to learn and do?

Here are 5-things to know immediately and before you do anything else.

  1. Get to know what grief actually is. What is normal and what is abnormal grief
  2. Craft a daily to-do list and have a plan to keep you focused
  3. Grasp the depth of your grief and loss stages so you know where you stand with grief
  4. Take those myths that surround pet loss grief and learn how to debunk them
  5. Learn your grief triggers and how to make them work for your well being

Having a cat in your life is part heartening and part mystical. Many don’t understand how much cats can offer and enrich their lives. Being a cat-lover, you know that cats can teach us about boundaries, self-reliance, and unconditional love.

When you receive news that your cat only has a short period of time to live, your new and unexpected emotions are going to suddenly create chaos in your life.

When you begin creating your journey you will begin to get answers to your question, My Cat Is Dying What Do I Do?

My Cat Is Dying What Do I Do? Experience Your Journey

Now that you know what makes up grief the next thing to consider is how you can experience this difficult journey with tools that take care of both you and your cat.

Here are 5-things to know and do after you learn about creating your journey.

  1. Look at ways to celebrate the life you have with your cat to create new memories
  2. Learn how you can alter your cat’s and your routine to better suit the both of you
  3. Research options for the best healthcare you can
  4. Come up with a plan for taking care of just you
  5. Learn why saying thank you to your cat is healing

One of the most important things to do at this point is to take stock of where you are in your grief process. By creating and experiencing your unique journey you are on your way to navigating your emotions, decisions, and options for healing pet loss.

Keep in mind the grief journey is not about insulating yourself from feeling grief. In fact, I encourage you to not stuff down your feelings or not honor the stage you are experiencing.

Instead, stay present with your grief. It is necessary and extremely healthy. It takes work to actively manage grief. 

Next…Let’s Remake Your Journey

In this part of your journey, I am going to support you with making some rough decisions about dealing with tools to guide you through this extremely tough time.

Understanding that grief is not only normal but also how you experience it is unique is imperative. It is vital to the relationship you have with your cat right now.

Let’s explore together how you can begin to prepare for the last day of your cat’s life.

5-things to learn when remaking your journey

  1. How to prepare for the last day
  2. How to survive the tough decisions you will need to face
  3. How and why writing a love letter is important for healing
  4. How to find compassion for yourself with new expectations
  5. How to allow happiness in your heart

Final Thoughts

Your cat holds a special place in your heart that is endearing and healthy. You share daily routines, secrets, and quality time.

Together you give each other a multitude of gifts that in some way make both of your lives a little easier and compete.

Your cat connects you to your own emotions and new ways of looking at life. They provide you with emotional nourishment that can be difficult to get from people.

It is, therefore, no surprise that when you get the news your cat is dying, it creates some eve of grief. This is vast and horrific news, and when something this significant is taken from your lie, your entire world can change.

You are not alone…

Sasha, whose cat Louie suffered kidney failure, explained—

My Cat Is Dying What Do I Do? is written with kindness and love, which is just what I needed when going through such a difficult time with Louis. I could dive right in and get the support and guidance I needed. There in the book are Wendy’s words to help you understand and deal with feelings of grief and to help you make the most of the time with your cat. This book helps ensure you are doing everything to care for them and to celebrate their life, and her words will help you heal.

The Case Studies

The case studies showed me that others have been through what I am going through, and they found a way to live through it and even experience moments of joy. I also liked the “Contemplation Questions” at the end of each chapter, which gave me a chance to explore my feelings and understand that they are normal for me. One of the toughest things about saying goodbye to my cat was knowing when would be the right time to let go. Wendy helps you figure this out and provides guidance on final day preparation in her book. This is such a difficult subject, but Wendy writes with apparent understanding.

I promise you that when you read and follow the tips in this book, you will feel like you have acquired a new best friend who totally gets what you are going through. And I promise it will be your first-aid kit that will give you solutions to some of the most difficult decisions and situations that you will experience.


Please don’t be the person who goes through this difficult time of loss alone. Be the person who actively takes death by the hand. Be the person who can make sound decisions on how to take care of your cat during this special time. And be the person who looks at the pet loss grief journey not as an opportunity to fear death but as a journey to learn, love, grow, and heal.

You can create a compassionate, respectful, healthy, and loving journey for you and your cat to share during this tough, yet unique, time. And get the support you need. You will never have to feel alone with your pet loss grief again!

My Cat Is Dying What Do I Do