Valentine Celebrations for Pet Loss

Valentine Celebrations for Pet Loss is about love, respect, and mourning the lives of our beloved companions when we are ready.

Since February is the month historically known for boundless love, I want to share with you a beautiful way in which you can pay tribute to your pet.

But I have to let you in on a little secret of mine…I consider every day a celebration of LOVE. Especially when comes to my animals. I love them with all my heart and soul. Their beauty, power, and unending phenomenal ability to love us crazy humans with unconditional love is a gift that continues to keep me in awe.

My animals are my life!

Wouldn’t you agree?

Here is the thing for us animal peeps. You and I get to share an incredible life with our critters filled with special occasions like Valentine Celebrations for Pet Loss that will always be cherished. Our hearts melt together, our lives become enriched, and we become better humans because of our beloved companions.

This amount of unconditional love is something that can never be replaced. So when I think of creating Valentine Celebrations for Pet Loss for my own companions I channel their love into my heart and I go right back to those warm and fuzzy feelings.

But February is Tough

In all honesty, this is a tough month for pet loss grief because of the daily reminders of love. These reminders can easily trigger some unsuspecting emotions of pet loss grief for you. And who wants to even think about Valentine Celebrations for Pet Loss?

But I can assure you if you take the time to mourn you will be rewarded with some wonderful feelings and personal growth.

My First Suggestion

My first suggestion is to learn all you can about the grief you are experiencing and commit to doing the hard work of walking the journey. I have lots of blog articles to help you out.

Learning about your grief in the present frees the soul to experience beauty life lessons filled with love.

To soothe your soul, keep in mind that your bond with your pet was not shared by anyone else. It was entirely exclusive and exceptional to the both of you. Therefore, what you experience will reflect your personality, your pet’s personality, and all the things you shared…AND LOVE!

Your job is to mourn your loss when you are ready and experience the changes in your life. Learn from them and ultimately fill your heart again with the joy.

My Second Suggestion

Part of the work is to get in touch with your feelings of grief and learn how they will help you throughout your life.

Mourn your emotions and celebrate the life of your pet with supportive and non-judgmental friends, family, support groups, or a pet loss coach. Through this experience, you will find a remedy for your personal pain by taking care of yourself, your beliefs, and the gifts you received from your pet.

You will gain some incredible insight that will split your heart open in a good way to receive a continued relationship with them on a spiritual level if you so choose. Your life will be enriched and soulfully balanced…WITH LOVE!

The changes you are experiencing and your feelings of being abandoned by your companion result in a tremendous impact on the way you are now moving through life…but the love is there.

Valentine Celebrations for Pet Loss

This month no matter where you are in your journey take a moment each day to celebrate your pet.

There are so many ways in which you can do this. But ultimately this is your creation.

Before you get started

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Bring your pet into your heart using your imagination.
  3. Think of a fond memory.


  1. Write in a journal the feeling you are experiencing in your heart.
  2. This can be one word, a sentence, or a paragraph.
  3. After you write something down say, “Thank You (the name of your beloved companion) for sharing your life with me.”

When you consider a Valentine Celebration for Your Pet Loss your joy for the memories you shared with them will help you experience your grief in a healthy way.

Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL is a leader in the field of pet loss grief support, animal mediumship and communication. She is the founder of the Center for Pet Loss Grief. As an international best-selling author, you can find all of her books on Amazon. Wendy has a beautiful email support program called 12 Days of Healing Pet Loss Grief. This program will support you daily for 12 Days with tools and inspiration. Click here to get 12 Days of email support delivered to your inbox.