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The unexpected feelings of pet loss grief can change everything you do on a daily basis. Whether you are familiar or not familiar with the normal emotions of grief and loss keep in mind that the variety and expansiveness of the emotions can be difficult to manage. Each sensation or sentiment is personal to you. These emotions are to be embraced and respected during this special time.

The Personality of Grief

Sometimes grief has a way of being quiet when you are experiencing the journey of pet loss. Your body needs this to happen—grief needs to take a break so your nervous systems can relax for a bit. This process is extremely import for healing to take place. Yet, the thing about the unexpected feelings of pet loss grief is when your body is in “rest mode” your emotions then have the tendency to show up out-of-the-blue or in unanticipated places.

Be Ready for the Unexpected Feelings of Pet Loss Grief

To be ready for sudden or bewildering physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and/or spiritual feelings of grief and loss that you are not counting on I would encourage you to consider learning as much as you can about what your body, mind, and spirit will experience with any pending loss or loss that has already occurred. This knowledge will guide and support you when you least expect it.

As an animal lover it is important for you to figure out ways to support yourself. Gathering your understanding and meaning of what you are going through, what  you may be feeling, and what you may be questioning is all part of the process of losing a loved one.

The Choices

There are many facets to your journey. Some will be delightful and others will bring challenge. Expect both and expect some surprises. And if possible, think of the unexpected part of your journey as a time to reconnect to your beloved companion if a new and different way.

This is a special time and it is not to be rushed or pushed away. When those unexpected feelings of pet loss grief show up—knowing what is happening will help you understand. Grief is a normal emotion and as humans we will all go through various forms of grief in our lives. The more you are equipped with knowledge those unexpected times may become less stressful.

Be Prepared

Be prepared for your journey whether experiencing anticipatory loss or past loss. Unexpected events and sensations are one of the most challenging experiences to go through. Be ready for them and prepare as best you can. Your heart will savor those time when you can recognize a new feeling, sensation, emotion, behavior, etc.

Yes, grief has a life of its own and it is impossible to control the unexpected. Let grief give you those feelings and let your tears flow. It’s healthy and necessary but be knowledgeable of your special journey.

Daily Insight

Normal grief is varied and expansive. The thing about grief is that it has a life of its own. You can be going through a quiet period of your journey when you are feeling relatively good. Then something happens, and it triggers intense, and perhaps unexpected, feelings of pet loss grief.

~ Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL

Healing Steps

  1. Make a list of all the normal feelings of grief. You can find this list in my Pet Bereavement Series or on my website.
  2. Then make a second list with the top ten that you are experiencing. Keep the feelings you don’t presently have handy. You may need them in the future—in case something new and unexpected happens. You want to be prepared
  3. If you have any emotions that are extremely tough have your health care provider’s contact information available.

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Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL is a certified pet loss grief coach, bestselling author, animal medium and communicator. Through her experience and working with others she teaches folks… grief needs attention so that it can teach the profound lessons of life. You can reach Wendy by clicking here. She also has many books on Amazon to help you on your journey. Her newest is Pet Loss Poems: To Heal Your Heart and Soul.