How to Create Your Pet’s Bucket List for Healing Pet Loss — Episode #9

Pet's Bucket List for Healing Pet LossWould you like to create your Pet’s Bucket List for Healing Pet Loss?Depending on how ill or

Depending on how ill or infirm your pet you can  create memories by doing things on their bucket list that can help you through this special time together.

Having a bucket list that you are able to carry out is a wonderful way to pay tribute to your pet’s life, celebrate the love you share and help support you during this very painful time.

The thing is you may be able to keep some of the fun stuff that you have always done together but you also may need to modify your familiar events and create new memories for the times that you can now share on his or her bucket list.

You are grieving so many losses in regards to your relationship with that you have with your friend. Not only are they ill but also the things that you do with them are changing. Even though your companion is still with you right now your daily routines have and will continue to change.

My goal is to help you find deeper enrichment with your dog, cat, horse or another companion during this special time. Keep in mind that a bucket list of activities don’t have to be grandiose like climbing a mountain. They can be as simple as giving your friend a special treat. What matters most is that they are meaningful to you and your companion. Something you will always treasure.

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The first thing that I ask my clients when we are working on this part of their healing pet grief journey is, “What are the things that you like to do most with your companion?” Basically, I have them write out lists.

Your list can be any number of things. Include everything, don’t edit or wonder if your companion can still do them at this point. I also help people with this activity in my book called My Dog is Dying: What Do I Do? (my cat and horse books are coming out soon.)

The healing part of this exercise is that it gives you a chance to document and reminisce your relationship. You will probably discover things that you forgot that you did together but really enjoyed. You will remember some of their toys, places, people and other dogs that were part of both of your lives.

I will warn you that reminiscing about your adventures will bring up grief. That is okay and extremely healthy to feel pet grief. Just keep in mind that what you are going through is normal and unique to your relationship with your dog.

Going over these adventures will help you in many aspects of your grieving journey.

Now, make a new list that includes the things that you would like to do together and start making your Pet’s Bucket List.

Here are 3 questions to help you get started on your pet’s Bucket List to help your healing from pet loss

  1. After creating your first list, which includes all the activities that your and your pet have enjoyed together what feelings of grief are you experiencing?


  1. What feelings of grief are you now experiencing after you created your Pet’s Bucket List?



  1. Have your pet grief feelings changed after you have done some of these bucket list activities?


Now that you have answers to your question, How to Create My Pet’s Bucket List for Healing Pet Loss you will hopefully  find relief like my clients have when creating their Pet’s Bucket List. If you would like help in creating yours and also get support for healing pet loss please reach out. I provide a calm and very safe place for you and your healing journey.

To learn more please click here to receive support for healing your pet loss journey.