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Intuitive Pet Wellness and Animal Communication

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Have Pet Wellness concerns about your cherished pal’s wellbeing after a diagnosis of a terminal illness?

Want to help your pet feel less anxiety and stress during their final days, weeks, or months?

Want to find out how to holistically support your pet’s health?

Want to further strengthen the forever bond you have with your beloved pet?


In an Animal Communication session, I commune with your animal to hear what they have to say about their physical and emotional conditions. In this way, your animal shares their needs, so you can best help them.


How It Works

In an Intuitive Pet Wellness session or Animal Communication session, I use my intuitive abilities to discern the foundations of your animal’s physical and emotional needs. Using my unique skills and vast experience in this area, I tune in and find the answers to your cherished animal’s particular issues, from behavior to medical to emotional and even more. 

Through this communication experience,

  • You will learn their perspective and needs, which in turn provides you with greater clarity and focus on how to meet those needs.
  • When you can better understand your animal and meet their needs, both you and your animal experience more peace and harmony.
  • You both will connect even more deeply and further strengthen your forever bond. 

No matter what stage of life your beloved pet is at, an Animal Communication or Pet Wellness session benefits the both of you, strengthening your levels love and trust.


Benefits of Pet Wellness and Animal Communication sessions include—

  • Your animal may share with you their particular health and nutritional needs.
  • Your understanding of your animal’s wants, needs, and perspectives may increase. 
  • Both your and your animal’s levels of love and trust may increase.
  • You may find joy from having received personalized messages from your animal friend!
  • You may find great satisfaction in knowing how connected and appreciative your animal is of your relationship. 
  • You may be reminded of special memories that only you and your animal have experienced together!
  • You may learn how to best support your animal in their transition from life to death.
  • Your forever bond with your beloved animal companion may be strengthened even more.
  • Both your and your animal’s stress and fear may decrease now that you have clearly communicated.


What others have found regarding Intuitive Pet Wellness—Animal Communication sessions—

Ms TicI had a wonderful experience with Wendy doing a session for my two cats. There were multiple issues that needed to be addressed. Wendy had the patience and connection to allow what each cat needed to express. And also letting me know what the health situation is that needs to be attended to. I highly recommend Wendy for her compassion, clarity, and ability to bring out the information desired for all involved. —Peggy Brewster
Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.52.06 AMI thank the Universe for being guided to Wendy! Without her intuitive healing session, I would NEVER have known that I was unwittingly starving my best friend, Edgar, by feeding him the wrong food. —Nancy Lee Corso
Friendship between human and dog - shaking hand and paw Our dog Annie had stopped eating and was acting really lethargic, so we thought she was on her way out. Wendy confirmed much of what our vet told us but gave us so much more information on how we could straighten her out with a change in diet. As soon as we started implementing Wendy’s suggestions, Annie popped right back to life. Jennifer Tingle


With great respect and appreciation, I work with the energy of your animal to translate the messages they want to share. It’s a special experience for all involved and one that ultimately results in greater understanding, love, and trust.


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Other ways that I help your cherished animal feel better include pet massage and Animal Reiki. Also, to help you feel better, I offer extensive grief support so that you will never feel alone as you navigate the special relationship you have with your animal and the possible grief you may feel at your animal’s end of life.  


Please note ~ A Pet Intuitive Wellness or Animal Communication session is not a replacement for medical veterinarian care for your pet. It is important that your pet receives proper care from a regular veterinarian for diagnosis and long-term care.