Pet Loss Poems to Heal Your Heart and Soul is a heartfelt book that I wrote for anyone who is suffering with the feelings of losing their companion. I wanted to do something special for you and my clients. This book will give you a way to find solace, support, and guidance when going through grief and loss of losing a pet. And that is why I wrote this book.

Are you like any of my clients? Trying to cope with the death of a pet? Or trying to help a dear friend or family member with their pet loss grief?

I have found over and over again pet loss poems have not only helped me with processing my own grief of losing a client but poems are a wonderful way to find peace in your heart or show how much you care.

Pet Loss Poems to Heal Your Heart and Soul…

This my newest book and is a collection of forty-one poems written for those who are suffering pet loss grief and need a soft place to land. This kindhearted book of poetry offers sweet words for healing, a gentle place for inspiration, and a moment of solace.

Each poem connects you to the oneness you shared with your companion. They reveal the emotions of normal pet loss grief and the passage that you may be experiencing each day of your journey.

As you read these poems you will be able to find peace, joy, and compassion for your heart as you experience the stories that these poems tell.

I ask all of those who read these poems to open your soul and take a heartfelt journey towards feeling blessed for the life you shared with your beloved companion. Take a breath and consume the enchanting wisdom the animals share. Their perceptions, instinctive skills and generosity make all of our lives better.

With my new book , you never have to feel alone with your pet loss grief!

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Pet Loss Poems To Heal Your Heart and Soul

Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL is a leader in the field of pet loss grief support, animal communication, and the founder of the Center for Pet Loss Grief. As an international best-selling author, this is her first of many pet loss poetry books. You can find all of her books on Amazon. And if you would like to order your own Personalized Pet Loss Poem please click here.