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Create Your Own Pet Funeral and Memorial Services

Your cherished companion was not just your pet, they were your best friend and family member.

You love your pet as a member of the family, in life and in death. When the sad day comes that your beloved animal friend passes away, you want to give them the respectful tribute that they deserve. Memorializing your companion with a pet funeral provides the opportunity to remember happy times, honor your loved one, and say good-bye.

When you create some type of ceremony you are healing your pet loss by honoring your companion, whether it is a . . .

  • Pet Funeral where you create a celebration of life to memorialize your deceased pet with their body present.

  • Pet Memorial Service to memorialize a deceased pet with their body not present.

  • Pet Remembrance as a way to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and special events that you shared with your pet.

grieving process after the death of a pet

A Pet Funeral is Extremely Healing

I work with people all over the world to create a personalized pet funeral and/or pet memorial services when they are coping with the loss of a pet. I have seen them feel so much better, empowered, and at peace by openly celebrating the life of their pet.

If you are finding that you would like help with your pet funeral, I can definitely help you.

Schedule your complimentary 15-minute appointment to discuss how I can help you.

We will begin to create a personalized celebration that respectfully honors and celebrates your pet.

I look forward to meeting you.


PS: Please note…this appointment option is for Pet Funerals only. Click if you want Pet Loss Grief Support or an Animal Mediumship appointment

Let’s Celebrate Their Life Even After Death

*Please note: Please only book if you are interested in a Pet Funeral. This is not for Pet Loss Grief Support.