Pet Eulogy 

A Pet Eulogy is something that I encourage my clients to write. Or hire a pet funeral celebrant like me to create it for them. This exercise can be incredibly healing for your heart. It is a wonderful way to express the gratitude you have for the life that you shared with your pet. I myself have cried, yet celebrated some wonderful moments with people and their memorials.Pet Eulogy

I would like to share with you the Pet Eulogy that I offered my Facebook GroupThis took place on December 21, 2016, with you.

A Pet Memorial Celebration for the Winter Solstice. 

Thank you, everyone, for participating in the Pet Memorial Celebration on the evening of this beautiful Solstice of 2016. I am Wendy Van de Poll, certified pet funeral celebrant and I would like to express my condolences to all of you and our companions.

I welcome you here today and those that cannot be with us live.

This event for honoring your pet and healing your heart is one way in which you can gain clarity with your feelings and emotions. A pet eulogy is important for the caretaker for pets who are ill and still with you or for those who have reached the end of their life and living in the Spirit World.

I am sure you would all agree whether our pets have fur, fins, scales or feathers they make a huge impact on our lives. They can take us to so many places of self-discovery and change how we view nature, the universe and our relationship with ourselves.

Our pets are what make being human easier.

They connect us to our hearts, remind us what is real and connect our souls to the universe. Without our pets and any animal for that matter would indeed make a human’s existence shallow and even boring.

Our beloved companions are fantastic, to say the least.

They joined with us to teach us so many things in life. They have quelled our anxiety and fears, they have made us get off the couch and exercise, they demanded our attention and save us from ourselves. And with that mind, we can celebrate the gifts they unselfishly give us.

I would like to read a poem that expresses our love and connection that we have with our pets…..

Pet Eulogy Poem


 Thank you, to all our fur, finned, feathered and scaled friends, for being there for us and being our trusted companion. Thank you for teaching us and for comforting us. You are our guides and we are forever grateful.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and so it is.

Pet Eulogy Guidance

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