Confronting the Myths of Healing Pet Loss Grief are never easy…

The Myths of Healing Pet Loss Grief can be especially annoying when you are trying to cope with your loss. Yet, when you actively debunk them they will actually help you discover a deeper understanding for what you are experiencing.myths of healing pet loss

Are you

  • Faced with some limiting beliefs that society or others are pressuring you to believe?
  • Finding that these myths are actively feeding your grief to the point that these Myths of Healing Pet Loss Grief have become difficult stumbling blocks for you?

In my articles where I talk about what constitutes normal grief and have explored the seven stages of grief, you can find the additional support that will give you strength and knowledge for what you are experiencing.

There are 11-Mini Articles in this Series

And with this series of 11-mini articles  you are going to learn about the Myths of Healing Pet Loss Grief that may come along with your journey. Each week I will present a different myth and then an action step for you to personally explore for healing pet loss in your heart.

To introduce the Myths, I would like to share Myth #1

  1. It is selfish and extravagant to mourn and grieve the death of a dog when our world has so much human suffering

Debunking—You are a pet lover, and you understand how important your companion is to you. The grief surrounding the fact that your companion has a terminal illness or has died is significant.

People are capable of simultaneously grieving both animals and humans. One doesn’t have to detract from the other. By grieving and mourning your pet, you are showing tremendous compassion for the world at large.

Your First Myth of Healing Pet Loss Grief Action Step

Have you experienced this myth yet while Healing Pet Loss Grief? If so how did it make you feel when someone challenged you? What did you do to personally debunk this myth for Healing Pet Loss in your life?

If you would like more support please reach out to me. I have many services that can help you to never feel alone again with your pet loss grief.