Interview with Jennifer MarshallI want to share with you an interview with Jennifer Marshall!

Jennifer is an advanced practitioner  Center For Pet Loss Grief Mentor Certification and she is amazing!

I have many wonderful things to say about Jennifer. She is smart, witty, compassionate, intelligent, creative, and has an innate gift for helping people heal their hearts from pet loss grief. But this is not all…she has many other talents that she can offer you.

One I am excited about is her Reiki work for pets in hospice. Jennifer will provide your animal with hands-on or distance Reiki sessions during this special time. Such a special way to unite the energy between you and your beloved companion.

My Interview With Jennifer Marshall

Wendy: How did you get started with pet loss grief?

Jennifer: In 2010 I lost my dog, Molly. Throughout the process of dealing with the grief I had, I discovered that there weren’t many places to turn with pet loss grief. That is when I became interested in offering this service to others.

Wendy: What services do you offer?

Jennifer: I offer Reiki at the master’s level for pets during all stages of their life. I also offer ‘bucket list’ days for pets where I along with a professional photographer take you & your pet on adventures you choose & we document it all in photos for you (Wendy: I love this idea). I even offer one-on-one sessions online, phone, or live. Plus, I run a virtual Sunday Pet Loss Grief Support group. I want to offer as much as I can for people during this time.

Wendy: Why did you choose the Center For Pet Loss Grief’s Mentor Certification?

Jennifer: I had read many of Wendy’s books and loved her approach to pet loss so when I saw she was offering classes on becoming a certified pet loss grief mentor- I jumped at the chance!

Wendy: What are your future plans in this field?

Jennifer: I love being a resource for as many people & pets as I can. I will walk the journey of pet hospice &/or pet loss with people with professionalism and care. My practice is based on being trusted, understanding and helpful. I offer a  place for people to turn to when facing these experiences.

Wendy: Do you have any words-of-wisdom for people today Jennifer?

Jennifer: Yes I do, I would first say it is normal to feel the loss of a pet as greatly as you would feel the loss of a human, in some cases, more. Pets are a part of our families and their loss takes time and patience to learn to live with. Be patient with yourself & your feelings.

Wendy: How can people reach you?

Jennifer: I am available via email, via phone at 603-820-1544, or visit her website.

Note from Wendy: Jennifer is offering a 20% discount for the next 48 hours. Please reach out to her to schedule your appointment.

Pet Loss Grief Training

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