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Holidays and Pet Loss Grief can be a challenging time for you. Are you going through pet loss grief this holiday season? Are you worried you won’t be able to feel joy? Are you feeling guilty because you are having moments of happiness as you celebrate this holiday season?

You are not alone with these feelings. In fact, I experience deep and raw memories every year myself. This time of year can easily trigger old and new feelings of grief.

Sadness around the holidays and pet loss grief are not abnormal. In fact, it is one of the busiest times of year for people to set up one-on-one pet loss grief support with me. Neither is feeling joy.

Also, it is perfectly reasonable to feel joy and happiness. And you will learn why in this article.

Before I help you with the myth that you shouldn’t feel joy and happiness...

There are 11-mini articles that I am sharing with you about how to recognize and survive other myths.

Lets quickly look at the Myths we covered so far. You can click on their number to read more. All of these myths will help you during the holiday season.

Myths on how to deal with the grief of losing a pet…

#1 ~ It is Selfish and extravagant to mourn and grieve the death of a pet when our world has so much human suffering.

#2 ~ You must follow the seven stages of grief in exact order so you can heal your pain.

#3 ~ There is a right and wrong way to grieve

#4 ~ The best thing to do is to grieve and mourn alone, especially because it is just a pet.

#5 ~ I have to be “Strong” in my grief.

#6 ~ Grief will always feel the same and shouldn’t take long to deal with.

#7 ~ No one gets my pet grief, and I am alone in what I am experiencing.

#8 ~ Pet loss grief will go away.

#9 ~ Once I do all the grief work, it will go away.

Feeling Joy during the Holidays and Pet Loss Grief

Debunking—Here is the thing–your companion is ill or has died. Your pet is or may be very sick, elderly, or suffered a traumatic death.

The last thing that you probably think you are allowed to feel is joyful or happy during the holidays and pet loss grief. In fact, you probably are feeling many emotions from this news. All your feelings are valid and okay to feel. Please remember that. Especially with holidays and pet loss grief.

It is okay to experience moments of joy, even when you are grieving about your pet’s death. It is healthy and doesn’t mean you are forgetting them or disrespecting them. Pet loss grief support can be really helpful with your feelings and how you deal with them. I have a great set of Resources to guide you.

Joy and laughter are healthy responses to the holidays and pet loss grief…in fact any time. This is your body giving you a breather from the stress, pain anxiety, etc. It is a survival mechanism that you do not need to fear.

Holidays and Pet Loss GriefJoy is first-aid for the soul during holidays and pet loss grief.

Here is a vital Action Step that you can practice right away to get the immediate care that you need.

Myth #10 Action Step

Write down…”It is okay to feel joy or laugh when I think of my pet.” Keep a pencil and paper handy, so when this happens during the holidays and pet loss grief, you are reminded.

More Support!

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Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL is a certified pet loss grief coach, bestselling author, animal medium and communicator. Through her experience and working with others she teaches folks… grief needs attention so that it can teach the profound lessons of life. You can reach Wendy by clicking here. She also has many books on Amazon to help you on your journey. Her newest is Pet Loss Poems: To Heal Your Heart and Soul which makes a wonderful gift.