Are you Grieving Over a Pet?

Are you wondering what to do next since your pet died?

Have you considered a pet funeral?

If your beloved pet has recently died, you may be looking for some way to memorialize and celebrate the life of your pet.

When Grieving Over a Pet one way to find closure for your pet loss grief is to hold a funeral on behalf of your pet.

Holding a funeral

Is a wonderful way to pay your respect to a pet that has passed away is a great way for you to show your love and respect for the pet you have lost. In addition, having a funeral can help you come to terms with the feelings that you are experiencing when Grieving Over a Pet

If you have children who have been affected by the death of a pet, holding a funeral is a good way to allow them to express their feelings while also helping them gain a better understanding of death.

Here are some key points to consider when Grieving Over a Pet

  • Death is normal and inevitable, not a failure, accident or catastrophe
  • If you can view death in this way it can free you to experience comfort, support, and fond goodbyes ~ instead of battling against forces beyond your control
  • Accepting death gives you the room to value the life of your companion
  • Recognizing death as part of life can help you stay focused on the joy that you received from your companion
  • Grief and mourning are different. Grief is internal, feelings, emotions and mourning is the outward display of grief. Funerals, memorials, and pet memorials for dogs are perfect examples of mourning. And here is a sweet one for cats.

Some More Key Points to Consider

  • It can be very helpful to have a funeral as a way of experiencing a formal good-bye
  • Creating a special place of remembrance for your animal will give you a place to visit
  • When creating rituals and remembrances think of the personality of your animal and then do your creating
  • Do what works best for you and your animal when Grieving Over a Pet

I also have some beautiful Pet Loss Poems and Pet Loss Quotes that are free for you to download to help you during this special time. And a wonderful Free Pet Loss Grief Kit from my heart to yours.