Grieving Loss of Pet — Myth #3 —  In Your Own Way !

Myth #3 – There is a right and wrong way to grieving loss of petGrieving Loss of Pet -- Myth #3

The first week you read about… Myth #1

It is Selfish and extravagant to mourn and grieve the death of a pet when our world has so much human suffering.

 You now know how significant your loss is and that it is not something you can push aside and forget about. You also know that it is okay to highlight the importance of your pet and that it doesn’t mean you don’t care about human suffering. Myth #1 can be a challenge if others are judging you.

Last week you heard about Myth #2 where

You must follow the seven stages of grief in exact order so you can truly heal your pain.

 We explored that you DO NOT have to follow a prescribed list and that grief has a life of its own to be honored and respected. It is okay do experiencing your grief stages in any order you want which I talk about more in my Myth #2 article.

This week I would like to share Myth #3 — Grieving Loss of Pet in my series of 11-mini articles. And remember there will be an Action Step at the end of this article to help you understand what you are going through on a deeper level.

As we explore this myth as well as the others you will gain strength and clarity with your pet loss experience. By exploring these myths you heart will heal and expand with the love that you shared with your pet.

Grieving Loss of Pet — Myth #3 —  In Your Own Way !

There is a right and wrong way to grieve!

Debunking – As with the following the seven stages of grieving in chronological order, that you learned about in my article Grief and Loss Stages – Myth #2, the same is true about your unique grief experience. Grieving Loss of Pet in your own way is important to do.

Your relationship with your pet is special. No two people grieve the same way. While one person may feel sadness, another person may feel anger about the news. Your grief journey is yours and very unique.

Grieving Loss of Pet is very personal and individual to your experiences with your pet. It depends on your personality, the personality of your pet, the nature of his or her illness, and your coping style.

The reason why this myth can have such a strong effect is it can be challenging to debunk! Our religious beliefs and societal influences can have a huge influence and can be very difficult to manage and even change.


Action Step:

Have you experienced this myth while healing your pet loss? If so, did you feel guilty for not following a prescribed belief system? How did you deal with your guilt and are you able to embrace your personal journey?

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