Grief of Losing a Pet

Are you Weak or Strong? ~ Myth #5

Grief of Losing a Pet – You have to be “Strong” with your Grief. 

With my 11- mini articles you are going to learn about Grief of Losing a Pet in a very healthy way.

Why?grief of losing a pet

Because we are going through each of the myths as well as how to deal with some myths while they are reaching the end-of-their-life and when you are experiencing Grief of Losing a Pet.

You are going to learn why it is important to find your strength and heart through this difficult time. Friends, family, and a support team will help you navigate through the weakness of pet loss grief myths.

Yet before we get into Myth #5 of the grieving process after the death of a pet let quickly look at the Myths we covered so far. You can click on their links to read more.

Myth #1

It is Selfish and extravagant to mourn and grieve the death of a pet when our world has so much human suffering.

Myth #2

You must follow the seven stages of grief in exact order so you can truly heal your pain.

 Myth #3

There is a right and wrong way to grieve

 Myth #4The best thing to do is to grieve and mourn alone, especially because it is just a pet.

 Myth #5 – I have to be “Strong” in my grief.

 Debunking ~ In general, our society teaches that grieving over a pet can be a sign of weakness.

Feeling sad, frightened, lonely, or depressed all normal reactions. Crying doesn’t mean that you are weak. In fact, it takes strength to accept and engage with these difficult emotions when grieving over a pet.

Let yourself feel those emotions, physical sensations, and spiritual challenges that you are going through. There is a reason you are having these feelings. Plus, there is no reason why you need to feel that you have to “protect” your family or friends by being (supposedly) strong.

Showing your feelings when grieving over a pet will help you and may even help them. By showing your feelings, you are also debunking the first myth of being selfish. When you show your feelings, you are saying, “I have compassion for living beings.” And that, my friend, is extremely beautiful!

Myth #5 Action Step

Can you list all the ways your pet helped you feed okay about who you are? How can you use those things that your pet taught you to be kind to yourself?

More Support!

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