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Gratitude A Pet Loss Poem

 Feathered speckled down

Like a warm, gentle breeze,

You brush my face with your fur.

More than anything

I feel your presence,

Listen to your breath,

Sense your aliveness,

Your love.

A compassionate soul like yours

I have never known before.

How can you look at me with such eyes?

Love spoken a thousand different ways,

A thousand times,

Your sparkle tells all,

Washes over all,

Heals all,

I am filled by your gaze,

Searching deep,

The quest of your tenderness,


The power of your care giving,


The success of your reassurance,


I snuggle into your side

And let all of life’s worries wash away.

~ Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL

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Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL is a certified pet loss grief coach, bestselling author, animal medium and communicator. Through her experience and working with others she teaches folks… grief needs attention so that it can teach the profound lessons of life. You can reach Wendy by clicking here. She also has many books on Amazon to help you on your journey. Her newest is Pet Loss Poems: To Heal Your Heart and Soul.