Getting Over the Death of a Pet will go away once you do all the work is Myth #9 

Getting over the death of a pet is tough and nearly impossible. If I could wave a magic wand for each and every one of you I would.

Getting Over The Death of a Pet

You are working hard to learn about your grief and that is why you are here. But there is no way around the pain of losing a pet. It takes hard work.

It is so common to wish for your pet loss grief to go away after working so hard to heal your heart from the pain of losing a pet. Getting Over the Death of a Pet is not an easy task.

Yet before I help you with this myth. There are 11-mini articles that I am sharing with you about how to recognize and survive these myths.

Lets quickly look at the Myths we covered so far. You can click on their links to read more.

Myths that deal with Getting Over the Death of a Pet…

#1 ~ It is Selfish and extravagant to mourn and grieve the death of a pet when our world has so much human suffering.

#2 ~ You must follow the seven stages of grief in exact order so you can truly heal your pain.

 #3 ~ There is a right and wrong way to grieve.

 #4 ~ The best thing to do is to grieve and mourn alone, especially because it is just a pet.

 #5 ~ I have to be “Strong” in my grief.

 #6 ~ Grief will always feel the same and shouldn’t take long to deal with.

 #7 ~ No one gets my pet grief, and I am alone in what I am experiencing.

#8 ~ Grieving for your Pet Loss will go away on it own.

Now for Myth #9 ~ Once I do al the grief work, it will go away.

 Debunking—Once you do all the work in your grieving process, remember that grief can come up again. It is not uncommon to have deep feelings of grief show up again, even years later. It is normal for this to happen.

Grief never goes away, and that is okay. Many of my clients report that when their grief shows up after a few months or years, they are happy about it because it gives them a chance to say, “I love you,” to their pets that died.

For now, if you just got the news your pet is chronically ill or they died suddenly please just tuck this thought in a special place, so you know what to expect later. Getting Over the Death of a Pet is not an easy task and does not happen over night.

 Here is a vital Action Step that you can practice right away to get the immediate care that you need.

Myth #9 Action Step

List the healing ways to support your heart when your grief is most active. Carry that list so you can pull it out when your grief resurfaces.

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