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Interview with Wendy Van de PollEverything You Want to Know About Canine Loss & Grief

  • Are you feeling like no one gets what you are going through while you are dealing with pet loss grief?
  • Are you wondering how to navigate your journey with support, compassion, and respectful guidance?
  • Do you find it hard to understand what your life means without your dog?

This Class Is For:

Anyone who is making the journey of pet loss grief and they want to know how to deal with emotions, decisions, and options.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is in pet hospice or has already passed. Your grief can be new and raw. Your grief can also be


It doesn’t matter where you are with your grief….this class will help you to not feel alone in your journey.

Please Come And Join This Class If You:

• Received devastating news that your beloved dog is terminally ill.

• Are faced with decisions– confusing and tough decisions, end-of-life decisions.

• Find it hard to understand what your life means without that warm, furry bundle of joy.

• Are at a loss as to what to do next after your dog dies.

Here Is What We Will Cover: Everything You Want to Know About Canine Loss & Grief

In this class, Wendy will teach the basics of how to deal with the loss of your dog. We will also have time set aside so you can discuss your feelings and emotions with your classmates.

At the end of the class, Wendy will pay tribute to all your animals during a special Pet Memorial Life Celebration.

Topics include:

1. What is Normal Grief?

2. Ride the Stages of Grief and Loss

3. Confront the Myths

4. What to Do When Someone Says Something Hurtful

5. Expect What Will Happen After

6. Take Care of Yourself

7. Grieving vs. Mourning

8. Celebrate Your Dog’s Life

9. Your New Normal

10. Questions and Answers

And if we have time Wendy will discuss a topic that she loves… The Afterlife Of Our Dogs

Please Bring:

1. An open heart

2. Water

3. Tissues

4. Your downloadable handouts with the link provided once you

sign up

5. Pictures of your Pet (s) for the memorial table (you can bring

the picture back home after the class.)

If you join this class, you will also receive

a FREE Downloadable Gift! (a link will be provided)

Looking forward to meeting you at my event….I will have books for sale.

Everything You Want to Know About Canine Loss & Grief

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