Compassion Fatigue in Veterinarians and Pet Professionals is Real!

Do you have a client that just received the news their pet is terminally ill, has died tragically, or is dealing with pet loss grief? And how many times have you had to deliver the news yourself?

You don’t know what to say, but you want to be compassionate and helpful. You are literally either lost for words, feel like you said the wrong thing, or would like to be more effective when delivering the news.

Compassion Fatigue in Veterinarians and Pet Professionals ~ Consider this..

As a pet care professional, it is critical to have a general knowledge of how to help your clients when they are faced with pet loss grief. With the pet industry growing every day you will be faced more and more regularly with how to address pet loss with grace and compassion.

With this increasing growth in your industry there will be more demands on you and your business. It will be essential to make it a daily practice to take care of yourself. Compassion fatigue and burnout are real, and they both have a way of sneaking up on you.

Dealing with euthanasia, sudden death, dying issues, the loss of pets, and your own grief can upset the balance in your personal and professional life.

I wrote a book that will give you the background knowledge of the workings of pet loss grief. Whether you are a veterinarian, veterinarian tech, dog walker, animal communicator, groomer, or pet sitter

This book is for you if you are a pet care professional that wants to:

  • know more about pet loss grief,
  • help clients with general grief support,
  • know how to manage compassion fatigue,
  • avoid burnout, and/or
  • add pet loss grief support to your business.

More on Taking Care of Yourself…

As a pet care professional, pet loss and the grief that comes with it are regular parts of your career. In my experience pet care professionals forget to take care of themselves. Since you are in a caring profession, the desire to help others before you help yourself is a common but detrimental tendency.

The Pet Professional’s Guide to Pet Loss was written as a comprehensive guide for all pet care professionals. It is your resource to gain a basic knowledge of—grief and loss, self-care, how to support your clients within your scope of practice, and the business of grief.

I also include a free gift, Free Pet Loss Grief Resources Packet that you can access in the beginning of this book or at the book’s end in the resource section, and then download from there. This packet has useful “cheat sheets” you can print out to have ready for when you need to access the information quickly.

As a pet care professional, I encourage you to begin reading this book right now, so you can put that new knowledge and the given tools into effect immediately. Each chapter has been crafted to make you into a pet care professional who is more compassionate, knowledgeable, and end-of-life safe.

Remember Compassion Fatigue in Veterinarians and Pet Care Professionals is REAL!

Compassion Fatigue in Veterinarians and Pet Professionals

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